Turbine Engine Aircraft Starter Generator Overhaul

When it comes to turbine engine aircraft of any kind, the sequence of events that leads up to takeoff is critical and it all begins with the aircraft starter. Unless aircraft starters are operating with more torque than needed to overcome friction loads and inertia required by the compressor, the aircraft starter motor attempts will fail. It is at this point you know you need an aircraft starter generator overhaul.

A Long History You Can Trust

We have been repairing and overhauling aircraft starters for more than 40 years, and have been in our current location for at least 25 of those years. It really does all begin with the aircraft starter generator and that’s where we begin our quest to discover why your aircraft starter is failing. There is an exact sequence the aircraft starter motor must complete in order to ensure sufficient rate of fuel flowing to allow for self-acceleration speed.

Industries We Serve

We have overhauled turbine engine aircraft starters for:

• Agriculture Aircraft
• Commuter Aircraft

And those are just the most common industries we service. Mark Airmotive, Inc. takes pride in being a family owned and operated business that always provides the highest quality work. It is our goal to use every inch of our 8,000 sq. ft. facility to provide ultimate precision in each and every aircraft starter generator overhaul for customers large and small. Whether you need an aircraft starter motor service for one aircraft or several, we provide quality and service.


Common Problems We Encounter

Although there will be that one odd problem that we encounter from time to time, most often our customers require an aircraft starter generator overhaul because it fails to provide sufficient energy for the aircraft starter motor to sustain adequate rotation or even to idle at a sufficient speed during the first phase of the start cycle. Most often the problem area is a breakdown in the time it takes to achieve a self-accelerating speed, if at all. If the engine doesn’t attain the proper idling rpm we know that there is a problem with the aircraft starter generator and it’s time to break it down to see which part or parts are not operating properly. An aircraft starter generator overhaul would be required.

Above and Beyond – Products and Supplies We Specialize In

Mark Airmotive, Inc. carries a wide range of products used in radial engines & turbine engines. Products we specialize in include, but are not limited to:

• Engine Driver Fuel Pumps
• Prop Synchronizer Boxes
• Electrical Fuel Boost Pumps
• Blower Motors
• Vacuum Pumps
• Electrical Actuators & Power Units
• ADI Pump and Motors
• Anti-Ice Pump & Motors
• Slide Valves
• Engine Driver Hydraulic Pumps
• Tachometer Generators
• Starter Generators
• Starters
• Generators
• Hydraulic Pump & Motor Assemblies

The Main Types of Aircraft Starters

The main types of aircraft starters in use today include air turbine starters, direct current motors (electric) and aircraft starter generators as explained above. Starter generators are the most preferred type of aircraft starters because, again as mentioned above, they function both as an aircraft starter motor and then later in the sequence as a generator. Whenever two or more functions can be provided with a single part, it becomes not only more efficient but much more cost effective as well. Technology has led us to the point where we can use one part to provide several functions.

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